About me


Simply Folk?

Inhabitants of Łowicz and Łowicz have love for their city and region. Unfortunately, this is often a difficult love, because living here involves accepting various deficiencies: professional, developmental or financial fulfillment. It was so with me.
However, I decided to be faithful to this love and instead of staying in Warsaw, I returned to my little homeland to live and work here.

Lack of satisfying work has become the driving force for starting your own company – a company based precisely on this rooted love for our region.
That’s how my company was founded: Simply Folk!
– Marcelina Waligórska-Bocian

How we create

our products

We rely on what is ours, native and proven. Our regional carpenters from Łowicz make miracles out of Polish wood. I paint these miracles by hand with Lowicz patterns, enhancing their special character. We treat each order as a separate work and we make it especially for you – you choose the details of its finish. We are also open to personalizing products – don’t be afraid to ask!

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