Our company’s mission is as simple as its name. We want to go back to the roots, rediscovering our native folk culture. In a simple, authentic but functional way.

There is no room for mediocrity at Simply Folk. Here, craftsmanship combines with the sincerity of folk art and a functional approach to interior design. We treat each product as a separate work that we perform with the utmost care. Hand-painted Lowicz designs will take you on a journey to old, rural huts, and the scent of Polish wood will spark a note of nostalgia for returning to our roots.

We believe that the interiors of today’s apartments do not have to look like copies of arrangements from catalogs. Our products will give a unique taste to every apartment. The amazing effect that you achieve in your home will inspire the household members for years!

Features of our products

Based on authentic Łowicz models

The design of our products was designed based on the original Łowickie design found among others in the collections of the Lowicz museum and open-air museum.

Functional design

Our products are not dust-collecting exhibits. This is fully functional furniture furnishing a modern interior.

Manufacturing character

Each product is made by a regional carpenter-artist, and then hand-painted by me with folk patterns

Polish wood

The products are made entirely of Polish, mainly beech wood. Its color, delicate grain arrangement is captivating and unique!

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